The Callahan Divide Residence project entailed the conversion of a 6000 s.f. steel barn frame into a 2200 s.f. single family residence and 700 square foot carpentry shop. The overall agenda was to preserve and reveal as much of the existing structure as possible while breaking down the enormity of the volume into a series of more human scale niches, vestibules, and patios, framed with rain and sun screens as well as pergolas and a porte cochere. This scheme was helped along with the requirement to protect the long east and west exposure of the building from excessive solar heat gain and re-radiation from the existing slab with roomy overhangs. The screening system also provided the aperture control for framing and breaking down the views of a 25 mile distant horizon across nearly 100 degrees of the western face of the structure and bookended on the southernmost aspect by the march of the Callahan Divide, a chain of mesas splitting a valley nearly 100 miles wide with 500 feet of relief.


The clients took it upon themselves in this instance to personally machine plane and torch all interior wood trim and finish. They also cast and installed all the concrete countertops which comprise every horizontal surface on the level one. The mezzanine stair for this project (steel frame with wood laminate tread) was salvaged from a residential re-model in Austin, Texas bringing the percentage of recycled steel used in this project up to 85 percent by weight.

Callahan Divide