Blake Smith, founder and director of Taproot Studio, received a Bachelor's Degree in architecture from The School of Architecture at Oxford Brookes, Oxford, UK, before moving back to the U.S. to work as an apprentice in the Master of Architecture program at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, Scottsdale AZ. During that time, Blake began to focus his attention on design thinking oriented around the connection between landscape and buildings. After spending the year as an apprentice, Blake transferred back to his home state of Texas in order to complete his off grid studio, found his design practice, and complete his masters degree in architecture at Texas A&M.

Blake has completed a number of award winning projects around the world through independent practice and in collaboration with a number of highly acclaimed architects and designers including Zoka Zola Architecture, Bercy Chen Studio, Laguarda Low Architecture and Planning, CMPBS, and PolyMASS.

Taproot Studio generally approaches building design from the outside in, seeking out opportunities to connect people to places and to one another with great design. Working together with engineering, construction and additional design consultants, we navigate your project through all stages of design, permitting, and construction. For more information on our past and ongoing work, be sure to check out our residential, commercial, and planning portfolios.



The Studio:

Taproot Studio is a highly collaborative residential and commercial building design practice based in Dallas, Texas. Completed projects range in type from single and multifamily residential to commercial and planning scale work. Each of our projects emphasize the discovery and use of unique, added value design elements as a means of increasing the viability of a given project from the standpoints of real estate creation and desirability. Our design solutions stem from a round of research in which client input and site parameters are compiled to provide the framework for a given design approach. The intent to creatively integrate landscape or adjacent, functional urban characteristics with new construction is often central in shaping the nature of our work. We believe that within the parameters of every project, great design is achievable.



Taproot Studio offers complete building design services in the form of schematic design, design development, construction documentation (construction drawings or blueprints) and construction administration.

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