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Jamsil Idea


Second Prize

Winning Entry




A New Urban Landscape for Seoul (South Korea):
Polyculture relies heavily upon the feedback loop between landscape and building design as a strategy to enrich a schematic proposal for a vast site. Synergistic plan arrangement was chosen over aggressive bridging as a means of connecting the site to the relating schematic considerations west of the adjacent waterway.
A grand, waterfront boardwalk and adaptively re-utilized historic baseball stadium frame the pedestrian procession from the west side of the waterway into the new conferencing, hospitality, and retail area at the south of the site as a means of retaining the delicate balance between similarity and variety across the scope of the project. The primary buildings for the scheme respond to the landscape in the various ways they settle into the new series of parks and water features, carving out undulating pedestrian routes as a network of connections within the site and back to the surrounding city.

Jury Comments:

"The project produces a very well organized design approach connecting the architectural shapes to various outdoor spaces of artificial landscape architecture and indoor programs. It also produces polished architectural gestures with various urban activities and site plan considering urban context where major buildings including hotel and convention are placed close to subway station."


Collaboration with PolyMASS


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