These two, 4,000 square foot units are identical in layout but unique in elevation. In 2017, we provided the design, construction documents, and construction administration services needed for the developer of this lot to build and sell both of these units within several weeks of completion. Designing to accommodate the ordinance and code requirements for the City of University Park is notoriously challenging because of the relatively detailed criteria for construction prescribed by the city. With careful review of the city ordinance we were able to design to accommodate the maximum conditioned area for the lot while achieving an added value design which presents the unique identity of both units to the street rather than the presentation of a facade mirrored over the fire separation wall. The overhang and fin elements serve the dual purpose of minimizing solar heat gain at the hot times of the year on this south facing lot which guarantees the tenants and owners of the property the advantage of reduced energy costs while adding the enjoyment of strategic views and daylight for occupants. Our thanks goes out to Prous Homes for an outstanding execution of the 8,000 s.f. project.

Design Team:

Stepan Terzyan

Blake Smith

Normandy Luxury