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Architecture Plan

Residential + Commercial Building Design Services

Consultation: For when you aren't sure about where to begin with your new home, or building project.

If you are unsure about where to begin and would like professional help figuring out what questions you should ask, we would love to assist. Schedule an hour long consultation via video or in person where you can talk us through your current ideas and questions, and we'll provide you with clear next steps for your project.

Reach out to us at to set up a preliminary one hour consultation or find out more about our other project services.

Feasibility Study: Clarifying your vision & identifying obstacles.

Every building design and construction project beings with answering fundamental questions: What is possible for a given property? What is the vision? What will the allowed financial resources and time constraints best accommodate? How do we avoid unforeseen issues during construction?

Feasibility studies are typically where we begin all our projects, but we also offer them as a stand alone service for those who want more clarity on their direction and options before committing to full design services with any firm.

Questions our Feasibility Study can answer for you:
⦁ Does what I want fit within my budget & time frame?
⦁ What could this project look and feel like?
⦁ Will I achieve my goals best through a remodel or a new build?
⦁ What zoning and code regulations will affect my project?
⦁ Will this project achieve the goals of all invested parties?

Our Feasibility Studies include:
⦁ Multiple in person consultations
⦁ Site visits
⦁ Documentation of codes & regulations that will affect the project
⦁ Master & site planning
⦁ Conceptual design drawing in the form of preliminary plans
⦁ Preliminary 3D views of exterior & Interiors of the conceptual project

Reach out to us at to set up a preliminary conversation around our feasibility and conceptual design services.

Design, Construction Documents (Blueprints), & Construction Administration:
After completing the feasibility study we take your project all the way to the finish line making sure the vision becomes reality.

Design Development:

During this phase, the main idea behind the deliverables is to provide higher resolution design solutions from which a complete construction document set may be produced. We provide preliminary visualization for every aspect of a project from schematic floor plans, to the material and fixture selections for every finish and feature of the project. While our design process always begins with hand drawings, we quickly move the project work into our software, keeping an active 3D, photo-real walk through of th project available to our clients throughout the design and construction documentation process. This enables clients to enjoy a realistic sense of what the project will look and feel like with each round of development. Lender reviews, pre-permit meetings with the relevant municipality or regulatory boards, and the initiation of pre-construction services with potential builders for the project take place during this phase as well.  

Construction Documentation:
Construction documents (formerly known as blueprints) are created to communicate to the builder the exact instructions for the construction of your building. In this phase we create a detailed document set which specifies the assembly of the building in it's component elements down to the shop drawing level of detail. This documentation includes all final engineering, permitting, and energy code review, as well as final bids from the builder selected for the project.

Construction Administration:
When construction begins, Taproot is still on the job making sure your vision is realized according to the plans. We do ongoing site visits at every stage of construction, and are in constant communication with the builder to answer questions and provide support all the way through to certificate of occupancy.
Reach out to us at to discuss the commencement of design and construction documentation services or to explore design build options with Taproot Studio.

Developer Sets:

If you are a developer interested in doing for sale and for rent projects, or are in need of feasibility proforma services, please don't hesitate to reach out so that we can begin putting together a scope of work appropriate to your project requirements.

We have an especially good track record in maximizing the project added value potential for developers interested in luxury homes and home remodels as for sale properties.
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